Friday, September 30, 2011

Civil War U.S.A.

Recent developments suggest signs that the Second Civil War in the United States has already begun. In this follow-up of the last Independent article on "Story Updates", some of these signs and their consequences will be examined. These consequences will likely be international. Hence, these developments merit world-wide attention.

Unlike the first Civil War in the U.S. where northern states fought with southern states, the Second Civil War portends to pit the U.S. federal government against virtually all states in the "union". These signs may be reviewed in two parts: (1) fundamental disputes between the Feds and the States and (2) escalation of the ongoing armed conflict.

The protagonists may be briefly defined. The Feds are the U.S. federal government, including the executive, legislative and judicial branches, which are all generally controlled on key issues behind the scenes by a super-wealthy, illuminist elite. Indeed, as described previously,
The illuminist elite oligarchy has its three stooges -- the US government, the liberal mass-media and its bankster cartel, working to discredit those promoting individual freedom, including free speech and free economic activity. These puppet stooges continue to implement corporate fascism (government take-over of economic activity), to flood the public with deceptive propaganda (e.g., media labelling illegal aliens as "immigrants") and to take bailout and rescue money from the public for their own enrichment (banks use your money to buy gold) respectively.
In brief, "the Feds" describes the forces serving the elite oligarchy. For example, the privately-owned Federal Reserve -- the U.S. central bank -- is a major player in looting the wealth of the nation and its citizens. As we have entered the stage of armed conflict, the federally-controlled armed forces are, of course, part of the assets available to the Feds.

The States generally refers to U.S. State governments which can be strongly influenced by voters in the general population. In other words, the real power on the side of "the States" in this developing Civil War is ordinary people, the majority of whom have lost any desire to continue being raped by the Feds -- economically by lost jobs and by Federal Reserve engineered inflation, evaporating the purchasing power of their savings and pensions, politically by continuing erosion of personal freedoms and socially by the destruction of moral values promoted by the elitists puppet known as the main-stream media, including virtually all forms of mass communication, including television, movies, news broadcasts, etc.

Although it is premature to predict details concerning the armed conflict stage of this developing Civil War, one might note that most U.S. households have fire arms, that state governors purportedly control the trained National Guard units and that numerous citizen militia groups exist across the nation.

A possible advantage of the Feds is their more centralized organization. Although geographically centralized mostly in Washington, D.C., assets of the Feds extend throughout the nation in numerous facilities such as military bases, regional Federal Reserve banks and the like. This structure may represent a weakness in that facilities can be isolated and taken. Imagine capture of arms depots, for example, or mass defection of enlisted troops from the Feds to the States. Another potential weakness is the question of how far the Feds can induce U.S. citizens in their armed forces to practice violence against fellow U.S. citizens.

On the other hand, the advantage of the States is mostly in their dispersion and the fact that the armed population outnumbers the formal enlisted troops of the Feds. Expect a lot of guerrilla-style activity and strict avoidance of geographic concentration of armed personnel which might be subject to air strikes by the Feds.

1. Civil War U.S.A.: Propaganda and Legal Components
Consider the anti-Tea Party propaganda which started almost immediately upon its organization (Misleading Title section of "Story Updates"). This propaganda obviously indicated that the elitists rapidly realized the threat of freedom of thought and desire for a smaller federal government spreading among their slaves to debt.

Since those Independent reports, this propaganda by the Feds has increased in its frank hostility as voters succeeded in replacing many congressional members with advocates of freedom and smaller federal government powers.

Meanwhile, the States have marshaled impressive and wide-spread campaigns to repeal Obamacare, which is nothing more than a scheme to increase federal powers, guarantee profits to health-care corporations and further impoverish the population. In the absence of credible enforcement of federal immigration laws by the Feds, the States have launched their own laws on the matter to protect the rights of their citizens.

On the other side, the Feds have launched law suits against such State laws (She's Got Legs section of "Story Updates"), a key component in their alliance with the drug cartels.

Another example among many in the news is states breaking away financially from the federal government, where Ron Hera writes:
Earlier this week I attended the Utah Monetary Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. As you may know, the state of Utah passed a Legal Tender Act earlier this year authorizing the use of federally minted gold and silver coins as money in the state of Utah. Now, legislators in other states, many of whom attended the Monetary Summit, are evaluating similar legislation.
This is a very important trend, since the major weapon used to loot the wealth of the nation and its population is the bogus fiat U.S. Dollar produced by the counterfeiting operation known as the U.S. Federal Reserve. Important because money talks. Taking away the tool kit of the oligarchy thieves by introducing the real money of gold and silver represents a two-pronged direct attack on elitist power: use of real money is equivalent to personal freedom for the population and to loss of the "money as debt" ponzi scheme used to impoverish the nation. This sort of direct attack on the looting operation of the elitists cannot be permitted.

2. Civil War U.S.A.: Armed Conflict
Similar to the propaganda and legal components of Civil War U.S.A., the armed conflict component has been slowly developing over many decades. For example, one can cite the killing of survivalists in northwestern states and the mass killing of men, woman and children in Waco, Texas, all under the guise of purportedly legitimate ATF operations by the Feds. In short, early "experiments" (remember the Kent State shootings?) showed that federal employees could be induced to shoot and/or kill U.S. citizens and were no doubt seen as successful by the elitists.

Fast-forward to the recent ATF "Fast and Furious" program of arming Mexican drug gangs. News outlets portray this sorry episode as a "scandal". In the present context, the real story appears to be that the Feds have recruited an ally against the States as the armed conflict of Civil War U.S.A. heats up. Recall that the purpose of the presence of federal personnel along the Mexican border was to ensure continued flow of drugs into the U.S. and drug cash into the largest U.S. banks (She's Got Legs section of "Story Updates"), which are desperate for capital, being basically insolvent and criminal organizations themselves.

Recent news wire reports feature two U.S. generals stating that the counties along the border with Mexico are now "war zones". Large areas of U.S. territory are now effectively occupied by Mexican cartels allied with the Feds. It may not be fully understood that this is an integral part of Civil War U.S.A., where the Feds and their allies, the Mexican drug cartels, are actively engaged in attacking the States at the full-blown armed conflict level.

Indeed, the extent of the Mexican occupation of the States is no doubt substantially greater than reported by any media. Who knows how many public officials in the States have been bribed or threatened by the blood-thirsty cartel troops? Who knows the true extent of drug cartel control of the States?

The implications of this unfolding Civil War include outright war with the government of Mexico considering that this major ally of the Feds -- the drug gangs -- is actively attacking the Mexican federal government as we speak.

The choice by the Feds of Mexican drug cartels as an ally suggests Fed weakness or at least serious doubts that their war with the States can be won. For one thing, the drug cartels already have plenty of cash and there are plenty of arms dealers willing to supply the cartels. In other words, the cartels did not need the Feds as much as the Feds apparently thought they needed the troops supplied by the cartels.

The rationale of the Feds may have been that the cartel troops are known to be particularly psychopathic when it comes to killing, something that cannot be certain when U.S. federal troops might be needed to kill fellow citizens. Further, the Feds have facilitated placement of drug cartel units in almost all U.S. cities of any size, ready to do the most "dirty" of the tasks required to subdue the population siding with the States. Not to mention that the drugs supplied by the cartels help keep the population of the States doped up, docile and easier to defeat. In short, it is essential for the Feds to keep both the drugs and drug money flowing north.

So this alliance between the Feds and the cartels does make sense. It would be no surprise that the cartels will need and get much more heavy weaponry (artillery, aircraft, etc) from the Feds, way beyond the fire power in the so-called "ATF scandal", to take over the national government in Mexico.

If the overtly violent phase of Civil War U.S.A. heats up further, be prepared for shutdowns of utilities such as electric power, the internet, banks, food supplies, and just about everything else. This would crash economies world-wide. Are you ready to make it "Little House on the Prairie" style? You are growing your own food, right? Of course, you are!

Do you have just one gold coin? If so, you may be suddenly more wealthy than your next door neighbor who may have $1 million fiat U.S. dollars in a bank account. The Feds are already talking with central bankers of other nations about the need to coordinate over-night, surprise currency devaluations. When and if that happens, your $1 million dollar neighbor may not have enough paper money to buy your single gold coin.
© 2011 James J Keene

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