Friday, September 30, 2011

Civil War U.S.A.

Recent developments suggest signs that the Second Civil War in the United States has already begun. In this follow-up of the last Independent article on "Story Updates", some of these signs and their consequences will be examined. These consequences will likely be international. Hence, these developments merit world-wide attention.

Unlike the first Civil War in the U.S. where northern states fought with southern states, the Second Civil War portends to pit the U.S. federal government against virtually all states in the "union". These signs may be reviewed in two parts: (1) fundamental disputes between the Feds and the States and (2) escalation of the ongoing armed conflict.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elucidating Obscure Questions

The Constitution of the Universal House of Justice (UHJ) of the Baha'i world community states that functions of this nine-member, elected administrative body include:
to deliberate and decide upon all problems which have caused difference; to elucidate questions that are obscure;...
as discussed in some detail in the Independent "Gaming the Baha'i Writings" article. The UHJ should focus on increasing the strength of the Baha'i world community which in part may be best achieved by refraining, as much as possible, from elucidating obscure questions.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Something For Nothing

The last free lunch story considered the possibility of a further deep decline in gold and silver prices yesterday, on Friday, September 23, 2011. In a "truth is better than fiction" scenario, this price drop was seen in grand style, with gold price dropping by over 5 percent (Fig. 1) and silver prices falling by almost 15 percent (Fig. 2) in a single trading day. Life doesn't get much better than this as this market action continues to create a rare "something for nothing" buying opportunity.

Fig. 1: GLD daily price

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Free Lunch

Many know of the biblical story of the last supper, or if not, the famous painting of it. Today's story is the last free lunch. Mother's are usually right when they say things like "there is no free lunch" and "you can't get something for nothing". On rare occasions, however, one can find a free lunch and get something for nothing. Today is one of those times, when gold and silver are on sale. This means you can get something (gold and silver) for nothing (paper money).

The first Independent item in March, 2010, suggested purchase of gold and silver which are the only real money on earth. As of yesterday, gold had nearly doubled, and silver had more than doubled, in USD prices. Today, with the stock market sell-off, gold and silver prices in USD dropped significantly. That is, these two precious metals went on sale.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Jane Doe" Movie Story

[Updated: Oct 24, 2011. This article responds to many inquiries about the exclusive "Jane Doe" story on Missing Keene Kids.]
Feature film makers may produce the following "Jane Doe" (working title) story -- a true, heart-throbbing, mystery thriller. Typically, several documents are created for a film production package. This article includes the story -- both a short summary and a more detailed description -- told chronologically, where some key names, photographs and details are omitted at this time, given the involvement of some of the most powerful elites in the United States. Second, a screen writer may tell the story in another document called the movie treatment, which is how the story may be presented theatrically, including various devices to show the events, which may be seen out of order (flash-backs), etc. In short, the treatment describes what will be seen and heard, leaving it to the audience to "discover" the story.