Saturday, July 17, 2010

Story Updates

Time for fun follow-up on some hot Independent stories.

In Search of Ruhi May 3, 2010
...the work of the Ruhi Institute has gained ... some sort of endorsement or approval by the Baha'i Administration as claimed by Mr. Anonymous...
"Mr. Anonymous" is the person who wrote statements on Ruhi web pages without identifying him/herself, such as "The Ruhi Institute curriculum has been adopted by the Baha'i World Centre..." Independent could not find any collaboration of that sort of official endorsement, until the 2010 Ridvan letter from The Universal House of Justice (UHJ) which refers to "Ruhi Institute" at least three times.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Purge Cover-up

A recent major schism, probably the largest ever in the 166 year history of the Baha'i Faith, has received scant attention from scholars, journalists and Baha'i authorities alike. This massive historic division of Baha'is happened mostly during two decades (1985-2005) including the "Peak Fundamentalism" period (1993-1999) and featured a purge to remove perceived undesirables or potential competitors to extremist usurpers seeking control of the Baha'i community. Confusion may remain in the aftermath of this historic purge. The present report considers (1) the apparent paucity of typical post-crisis remedial activities in the context of (2) a continuing purge cover-up which would tend to delay post-traumatic healing.