Monday, February 27, 2012

Universal House of Fear

Baha'u'llah, founder of the Baha'i Faith in 1863, stated "The essence of all that We have revealed for thee is Justice" and designed a "new world order" including a world-wide system of elected, nine-member bodies at the local, national and international levels, with the top-most body named The Universal House of Justice (UHJ), first elected a century later in 1963. Many assumed that Baha'u'llah and his UHJ crowning a developing Baha'i Administration may eventually fulfill various messianic prophesies such as "the Kingdom of God" on earth, that the meek shall inherit the earth and the like. However, in subsequent decades, most notably in the 1980s, a growing number of Baha'is began to perceive that various corrupt practices were permeating the Baha'i Administration on all levels. This article explores the idea that the UHJ may be degenerating into a weak Universal House of Fear at a time when the Baha'i community needs strong leadership.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good Can Triumph

Triumph of good is an important side of the story in one of the most popular Independent articles: "On Being Shunned", part of extensive documentation of serial parental abductions starting Feb. 1, 1995, of James R. Keene (then age 7) and Grace J. Keene (then 10) by their emotionally disturbed mother Nilda Davis-Flores (aka Nilda Keene) described in Missing Keene Kids.