Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thank You, Illuminati

Let us take time to give praise and thanks to some of the worst criminals of our era -- a super-wealthy oligarchy of elitists who strive to further concentrate wealth and political power in their hands with the help of their three stooges: governments, the banking cartel and mass media. This tiny elite has excelled in legalized counterfeiting while the overwhelming majority of the population works to earn an honest living.

Thousands of 28 lb bars of 24-carat gold stored in the Bank of England's massive underground vault

Readers might cut and paste these thank-you letters and send them off to their respective New World Order proponents.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Infallibility Verdict

Infallibility Artifice debunked the bogus idea that Universal House of Justice (UHJ) statements are infallible, based on official Baha'i sources and the simple model shown below.
After weeks of deliberation in the court of public discussion including comments by readers of that report, it appears that a verdict is in with an apparent victory for the interests of the Baha'i Faith and its institutions. This article adds some common sense to the logic based on official sources in the previous report to further support this verdict and victory.