Tuesday, August 19, 2014

De Facto US Dollar Gold Standard For Over One Year

[This article was published by www.silverdoctors.com under the title "New Gold Window? The De Facto US Dollar Gold Standard"]
The one year gold price chart from www.kitco.com shows that the US has been on a de facto US dollar gold standard for over a year now. This means that the US dollar gold price has been "fixed" for all practical purposes at about $1,300. This is big news since President Nixon closed the "gold window" back in 1971. "Gold window" just means people and governments can exchange a fixed number of US dollars for each troy ounce of gold. Now after more than 40 years, a new "gold window" has been opened.

[Click on chart above to enlarge.]
Amazingly, none of the main stream or alternate news outlets has reported this fact, as far as I know.