Monday, May 10, 2010

Slavery Has Never Been This Good

US Stocks Surge At Open After EU Agrees To Bailout Wall Street Journal by Kristina Peterson
NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--US stocks surged as the market opened Monday, with stocks leaping back into the black for the year after the European Union agreed to a nearly $1 trillion package to help stabilize a ...

Readers here were naturally praying all weekend about what to do with their hard earned wages. Fret no more; the bankster elite is always there to help ... themselves.

Isn't it wonderful that the European Union can gather their illuminist rulers and cronies over the weekend and solve all the problems of Europe and the world beyond by simply agreeing that the slaves and children of slaves should pay them $1 trillion.

It is so endearing. It is all in a "package" for us slaves. By paying these international thieves a tribute of $1 trillion, we can rest assured that things will "stabilize". Don't you just love 'em?

And they are so smart; none of us could have designed this solution. We could not have figured out how to get such a large amount of money, especially when these governments have no money -- they have to borrow what they spend.

Their big banks made a big boo-boo by loaning money big-time to people who could not pay it back. Notice how everything is "big". That is too much for us slaves to contemplate. Would our beloved Mr. BigBank take a loss; would they take any responsiblity for making mistakes? Oh, no, never. But they are so smart.

Could mere slaves know what to do when the governments who can't pay up don't have the money? When the European Union itself doesn't have any money? Sounds like a dead-end street to a mere slave with a pea-sized brain. But not to the illuminist "Masters of the Universe" elite. Yes, they have the brains we don't have.

Why not have a meeting over the weekend and just announce that the slaves will have to work harder to pay off the losses of Mr. BigBank? Mere slaves would have never thought of such a great idea. A principle way to produce wealth is labor -- working. The slaves are good for that. By decree, it is declared that the slaves will pay their money to Mr. BigBank. No need for elections, counting votes, all that old-fashioned stuff.

Yes, slavery has never been this good. No soldiers breaking into our houses confiscating everything of value. No soldiers beating us if we don't push hard enough to get that stone up that pyramid. No dogs hunting us down if we try to run away. Now we have a kind, loving Mr. Taxman who works for Mr. BigBank, to find us.

And we are thankful, good slaves; we know that progress is progress. We watch our credit rating because we know that Mr. BigBank will say "no" if we are not good slaves. We will teach our children that they too will have the honor of working for Mr. BigBank. Mr. BigBank might even let us have an iPad if we are good.

We will never rebel because only Mr. BigBank knows how to run things. What would we do if we had to, um, make decisions. Well, only Mr. BigBank is smart enough to do that. We are so thankful that there is a superior elite to take care of us.
© 2010 James J Keene

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