Friday, May 21, 2010

Suspend Elections Now

"Suspend elections now" may be the outgoing order awaiting a "send" mouse click on computers at the Rothschild-led cabal headquarters. What other choice do they have?

The illuminist cabal plan to gain further control and wealth is thought to be very simple -- destroy freedom and economic activity in North America and Europe. Why? To buy assets at super-cheap prices and to gain further control of the populace by relentlessly moving governments in a fascist direction.

On the other hand, at least in the United States, the cabal may have a significant problem. Freedom fighter candidates are being elected and worst, the population, which should be ignorant and at home watching big screens, is waking up to how the game is being played, as represented, for example, by the Tea Party movement.

In more normal times, the illuminists have bought off both major political parties -- Democrats and Republicans, so they do not care which is elected. Election winners on each side are easily corruptible, if that was not already in the bag through campaign contributions.

The possible thorn that may upset plans of the top world-class power brokers is that the Tea Party people are just too peaceful. Could it be that the Gandhi and Martin Luther King concept of peaceful social protest and change is actually working to thwart cabal plans? Tension among U.S. States is consistent with cabal objectives -- more chaos helps them achieve economic and political domination.

If so, look for suspension of elections for federal Congressional posts in the United States. Instead of the work-horse cabal method of violence, American freedom fighters are using "throw the bums out" elections as the bazooka in their methods kit, along with peaceful protest.

So clearly, fans of the totalitarians will be staging violent events to discredit the peaceful resistance movement and possibly, to justify wholesale arrests and confinement of freedom leaders. However, something tells me that this sort of counter-measure will not be particularly effective -- people will see through it.

The only remaining way to disarm the American freedom fighters is suspension of elections. Before the November elections in the United States, some major violence will need to be manufactured if necessary. Say, violent agitators planted in Tea Party rallies. Maybe an assassination or two, even of far left workers for the cabal itself. Be advised. If you wear a left-wing mask to cover your work for the illuminists, you are expendable.
© 2010 James J Keene

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