Friday, July 23, 2010

There Is No Panic

Independent reported "...the strongest hands are accumulating gold... The biggest players have been identifying and acquiring deeply undervalued assets for several hundred years... They are accumulating the universal currency..." and "...take bailout and rescue money from the public for their own enrichment (banks use your money to buy gold)..."

There is no conspiracy theory in our comments on gold and the economy, just the facts. The graph from Gordon T Long shows the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a privately-owned entity and front for the illuminists, has tripled its gold bullion holdings in 2010. This is just one example of the reported game: you work; your earnings are used by them to buy gold. The role of the respective governments is to make laws and regulations as might be needed from time to time to ensure wealth transfer from working people to the super-rich oligarchy.

Long writes:
The history of the BIS reads with all the intrigue of a spy novel and comes with a very checkered past. According to the BIS web site, as a privately held bank, it decided in recent years to become wholly owned and controlled by the Central Banks of the world...
The BIS is owned and controlled by their member Central Banks... Therefore if the BIS was to do a gold swap of the magnitude of 349 metric tonnes, then board member Ben Bernanke would have known of it in advance and approved it. He would know exactly who the transaction was with and why. If he didn’t then he is legally negligent in his fiduciary responsibility as a BIS board member, because of the size of the transaction and its material effect. Other board members include: Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank, Axel Weber, President of the Deutsche Bundesbank and William C Dudley, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
In short, privately-owned Central Banks "own" the BIS. The BIS Board of Directors is composed entirely of blood relatives of the illuminists or their paid agents. That is, a tightly-knit group controls the money and therefore controls the governments and their subjects.

Would these private parties be accumlating gold if it was over-priced? Of course not. Gold and silver are now available to preserve the value of your savings at deeply discounted prices. So far, there is no panic buying of gold and silver. The "Going out of business" sale is still on.

There is no panic, at this writing, with tropical storm Bonnie heading for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill with its toxins including the Corexit dispersant. The expected raining of this toxic mix on states from Florida to Texas has apparently not caused any panic. Repeat. People are not afraid of getting sick. There is no reported mass movement yet of people evacuating themselves from this prospective danger zone. There is no wide-spread worry of massive crop damage inland.

Therefore, if you are traveling south, the southward lanes on highways will apparently still be open for vehicular traffic.
© 2010 James J Keene

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